The FatFace Foundation donated a huge £10,000 to the Disabled Sailors Association to help with their fundraising for a new children’s catamaran. Discover the impact the DSA has on these young people and future plans below. 

“The project to replace the catamaran with one specifically geared towards children and young people will revolutionise what we can offer.  We will be able to increase the number of people given the chance to sail by about two-thirds every year.  We are now sailing at full capacity and need to expand our fleet, in order to increase capacity.  We are, therefore, very grateful to the FatFace Foundation and all other donors for their support of this project. 


The new Children’s Catamaran will also enable us to offer more exciting prospects, as the berths will allow disabled people to stay onboard over night – this will mean that we can sail further afield.  As a charity, it will save us money for the forseeable future, as the maintenance costs for the new yacht are likely to be considerably less than those that we are paying for the old catamaran, the Spirit of Scott Bader. So the beneficiaries benefit greatly but so do the DSA.


As you know, it is a large target.  A recent donation and pledge of £100,000 each has meant that we are a third of the way to our target.  We are striving to complete the funding by the end of 2023, so that we can commission and build the new yacht and, hopefully, launch it in time for the summer sailing programme in 2024.”

~ Susan Simmons, DSA