Inspired by Second hand September – a movement that encourages consumers to thinking more critically about where they are buying their clothes from – the FatFace Foundation store team decided to explore the idea themselves.

The fashion industry is not a planet friendly industry. I think we all know this by now. However, we do all need clothes. So how do we go about this in a more planet friendly way? We can buy quality, to save buying more than once. We can limit what we buy to we actually need. We can buy second hand. We can refresh our old styles (if you have the sewing skills!). We can take part in clothes swaps. There’s so much we, as consumers, can do.

Our Foundation store does all that it can to help reduce waste. We sell FatFace samples and end of line stock, giving new life to items that might otherwise struggle to find homes. With the added bonus that all the money raised goes to charitable causes, it’s a brilliant concept! We donate clothing to those in need such as Stop Domestic Abuse service users and we have even found a way to utilise sample scraps with a recent Sewing B competition!

But we still felt we could do more.

First, we collected crew and customer pre-loved FatFace garments over the course of July and August. Our crew in store and at head office were very generous with their donations and helped to fill a wall bay in time for September to start. For the whole of September we hosted the pre-loved FatFace items in one small wall bay and raised £810 from 116 items! The initiative was very well received and we’ve since had more customers bring in their no longer used FatFace clothing for us to raise even more money. 

If you’d like to support this project you can donate your no longer used FatFace items to our Foundation store, Havant. After the success of September, we have decided to continue to allocate space and time to FatFace, Pre-Loved.