UPDATE ~ 02/11/2022

At the end of September 2022, students from both Havant and South Downs college campuses came together for Havant Big Green Week to put on an incredible fashioin show with sustainability at it’s heart.

The night was an amazing one where students from across many departments took part to showcase the imaginative and creative garments.

FatFace awarded prizes to two winners and will provide a week’s work experience at head office, Havant! 2nd prize winners will get a week’s work experience in the FatFace Foundation shop, Havant. A great opportunity for the students to experience real world fashion creation and retail. 

The event provided a great opportunity for our students to showcase their creativity with an important sustainability element. We collaborated with the Fashion Course at South Downs, uniting these specialist courses.

Ruth Lacey


My outfit design has been driven as much about deconstruction as construction. I wanted to show a cyclical life to my garment, so the purposes of sustainability and repurposing are clear and true to the influences of Green Week and our fashion show.

I think that sustainability as a whole is something worth being mindful of. Our impact to our world and our society can all be traced down to the things we do. This includes our clothes – wearing clothes that best consider their impact is the best way forward to making a change.

Kurtis Griggs

Second year student

UPDATE ~ 09/10/22

The wonderful team the Havant Climate Alliance work with local government, businesses and community members to tackle the climate emergancy.

Amongst other work, they bring the Great Big Green Week alive for Havant by celebrating and highlighting the different ways the local community are standing up for nature and fighting climate change.

This year, the FatFace Foundation are supporting one of the lead events for Havant Great Big Green Week – the Havant College sustainable Fashion Show. Working with HCA and the college, we came up with an idea for the students to create outfits using sample scraps of material and faulty garments from the Foundation store to highlight the art of the possible. There are still seats available to book online so come along and support this exciting event.

For 2021 the Foundaiton supported Havant Great Big Green Week by organising a community litter pick, dedicating a whole window mural to advertise it and donated a £50 FatFace gift card to the raffle. As well as donating to a charity of HCA’s choice – Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust