The FatFace Foundation has made a donation of £9,000 to Havant Hockey Club to support their Community Programme, fostering inclusivity, and making sports accessible to individuals regardless of socio-economic background. We are thrilled to join forces with Havant Hockey Club to make a positive difference in very challenging times. Together, we aim to create a more inclusive and accessible sports environment, so everyone can embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Partnering with the FatFace Foundation aligns perfectly with our club’s values. By working together, we can enhance our community outreach and provide opportunities for individuals who may not have had access to sports before. We look forward to creating a lasting legacy that promotes diversity, inclusivity, and the joy of playing a great team sport like Hockey.

Glyn Knaresborough

Havant Hockey Club Chair

This alliance marks another step forward in the commitment of both organisations to creating lasting positive change within the community, allowing individuals of all ages to engage in sports activities, create a sense of belonging, promote teamwork, and enjoy the numerous physical and mental health benefits associated with an active lifestyle.  

This partnership will enable HHC to extend their school outreach activity, provide community coaching clinics, distribute hockey equipment to schools and individuals, lower the cost of participation in the South Coast Talent Academy and establish bursaries to remove financial barriers for those who aspire to participate in hockey at all levels. 

Impact so far

​Every parent of the 50 players has been informed that their annual Talent Academy fee will be reduced by £100.

HHC have also been able to reduce the cost for the selected individuals for the end of season Talent Academy Cup in Nottingham at the end of July, specifically around coaching costs.