Wow! What an amazing first quarter for donations close to our hearts in 2023/2024! You can see below some of the incredible charitable causes our FatFace crew nominated for funding, each one so deserving – thank you to everyone for shopping in our Foundation store in Havant and for any donations made to help make projects just like this happen. 
Callow End Village FC

Jay from our Gloucester Quays store helped set up the Callow End Village FC along with fellow FatFace manager, Travis from Great Malvern. Whilst providing a healthy sport outlet for many and entertainment for many more, the team beind the club also help to support and fundraise for other community projects winith the village. Brilliant work guys! Jay was successful in applying for a £750 donation to help with setting up a local girls tournement. More to come on that!


Alice from FatFace head office nominated Sands for £750 in support of good friends who suffered the lost of their baby boy in 2019. Sands are there to offer help and support to anyone affected by pregnancy loss and the death of a baby. They also work to improve care, discover why babies are dying and reduce inequalities in healthcare.

Calvert Lakes

Natalie of our Keswick branch nominated Calvert Lakes for £250 to help support the amazing work they do for people with disabilities. Their goal is to help make activities such as canoeing, horse riding and swimming more accessible.

Walk the Island

Walk the Island Portsmouth Fundraising Community fundraise every year and this year they were able to raise an incredible £12,000 for Spark Community Space and £24,550 for Enable Ability’s wheelchair basketball club! Thanks to Lisa at FatBase for putting them forward for a £300 donation! 


Footsteps are a small charity that provide counselling to young people and support for their families. They are based in Woodbridge but also see clients online from all over Suffolk. Robyn from our Woodbridge FatFace store was successful in applying for £600 for Footsteps which will go a long way to helping young people in their community.

Mental Health Aberdeen

Hollie from our Aberdeen branch nominated the charity, Mental Health Aberdeen for a £750 donation in memory of a loved one who sadly lost their life to suicide. This money will be used to help people suffering from low mental health with the hopes that fewer families will go through the same loss. 

QA Cardiac Care Fund

A very personal one for our Foundation store team with a loved one becoming very unwell, but well taken care of by the Queen Alexandra Hospital Cardiology team over the last year and half. A £750 donation will help the department provide their life saving services for many.

National Coastwatch Institute

One of our volunteers in the Foundation store recommended this proposal to us when her husband became a Water Safety Officer at the Lee on Solent NCI. With a new pilot programme starting they needed equipment to help educate the local community on water safety when by the sea.

The FatFace Foundation are so excited to re-open the Ian Williams Grant donation scheme for June 2023!

After the huge success of this small donation scheme at the end of 2022 (see more on that here) the Foundation Trustees are excited to share we have £20,000 dedicated to applications made through relationships with our FatFace crew members.

These grants will give crew, in stores, at head office and in our DC, the opportunity to help a cause close to their hearts by applying for anything up to £750. It doesn’t need to be a registered charity. One grant might help launch a school breakfast club; one might help pay for something special for somebody that deserves it; or maybe they could use it to create care packages for a marginalised group in need in their community. The wonderful thing is… we don’t know yet, but we’re eager to find out! 

It’s a first come first served scheme but fear not, we shall be doing it all again at the end of the year! 

Here’s a few of our 33 recipients from last year!

TAP is an amazing community group in Yorkshire using creative activities to enrich lives and aim to improve the health and wellbeing of their participants. Many of their members are at risk of isolation and loneliness and their previously successful working model of using creativity to bring people together has been effective in achieving their aims. Catering for mainly older retired people and those who spend a lot of time at home, such as carers, those with physical or mental disabilities or drug/alcohol related problems. 

Our Taunton FatFace team applied for funding for the Bristol City Cerebral Palsy football team. They are currently fundraising in an effort to get the team to an exciting tournament in Copenhagen in 2023 and we were so pleased to donate £750 toward their goal – good luck team!

Queen’s Sailing Club’s fundraiser – Women on Water –  aims to increase the number of women joining QUBSC and either learn to sail or improve their sailing ability, whilst gaining confidence and having a good time, which is especially important after the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown. This project is especially important to our crew in Belfast, FatFace and the £500 will go a long way toward their £6,000 target. Happy sailing ladies!