When some of our FatFace Foundation Trustees had the pleasure to meet motivational speaker and coach, Luke Staton back in January, we were truly blown away by his passion and enthusiasm for helping our young people unlock their full potential. Working with Luke and his Inspiring the Next Generation programme, we are heading out to at least 25 schools across the UK with the goal to reach 25,000 students.

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Luke is an ex-professional football player with an athletes mindset and has been working with young people for close to a decade in schools and communities across the UK. A motivational speaker with a proven track record of connecting with young people, Luke’s energy and enthusiasm for empowering young people is infectious.

The FatFace Foundation is so excited to partner with Luke to take his ITNG programme to 25 schools close to where we have our FatFace stores all over the UK. After Luke runs his initial motivational session these schools will also get to partake in an online programme made up of 6 modules.

I now dedicate my life to inspiring others to achieve their greatness. My passion is firmly in helping people go from where they are now, to where they want to be. I focus on motivating and inspiring people to find their personal identity, passions and purpose.

Luke Staton