The John Muir Trust is a leading voice for the UK’s wild places; a charity who own and care for some of the finest wild places across the UK, including the summit of Ben Nevis, most of the Red Cuillin hills on Skye, Sandwood Bay and East Schiehallion. 

Alongside communities nationwide, JMT work to inspire greater involvement in wild nature. 

The John Muir Trust are motivated by three key freedoms for wild places:

the freedom of nature to restore, the freedom of people to enjoy, and the freedom of communities to thrive.

The Trust acts on behalf of wild places in three ways:

demonstrating exemplary management, inspiring people to engage and advocate, and evidencing their benefits to society. 

All money raised by the Scottish single use carrier bag charge goes to the FatFace Foundation and in 2020 the Trustees asked FatFace stores in Scotland where they would like the money to go. The result was the John Muir Trust and the FatFace Foundation are proud to say during this time over £10,000 has been donated! This partnership is very important to the Foundation and fits perfectly within our Life on Land pillar to support causes that work hard to keep our wild spaces healthy. Below is a wonderful quote from JMT that sums up perfectly why this charity, and this work, is so important. 

Wild places contribute to our lives in many varied ways. They encourage recreation and active lifestyle. They bring us closer to nature. They can improve our health and wellbeing. They underpin national and local economies. In many places, they are a precious and dwindling resource, affected by inappropriate land use and unsustainable development. We are dedicated to the experience, protection and repair of wild places. We connect people with the experience of wild places, we protect wild places from developments that compromise their qualities and character, and we work with others to repair ecosystems and landscapes.

We own land to protect it, repair damage and conserve it for future generations, working with local communities and volunteers to restore habitats and bring back lost species. We maintain many miles of footpaths, clear invasive vegetation, pick up litter and clean beaches, plant and monitor the growth of trees and the condition of habitats such as dwarf shrub heath and blanket bog, and track the state of wildlife across our properties.  These special wild places are open to explore and enjoy any time you like and our work is only possible thanks to the generous support of our members, donors and supporters such as the FatFace Foundation.  Thank you!

Karen Jones

Corporate Partnerships Manager, John Muir Trust

All image credits to John Muir Trust

For 40 years, the Trust has worked together with local communities to advocate for the experience, protection and repair of wild places. Driven by the belief that wild places are for everyone – it provides opportunities for people from all walks of life to engage with nature by visiting the wild places in its care, volunteering, partnership work with communities, and through its UK wide engagement work including the world class John Muir Award.  This engagement initiative encourages people of all backgrounds to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places. It encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment through a structured yet adaptable scheme, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.