As FatFace is a South Coast brand, the FatFace Foundation has always been passionate about protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.  In fact, Life at Sea is one of our key pillars and one that we strive to support in different ways.  One of our biggest partners on this journey has been the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).  Over the last few years FatFace has collaborated with them to produce several amazing product ranges celebrating the ocean and bringing it to life through our product and contributing a portion of our sales to MCS in the process. For Summer 2023, FatFace has partnered with the Marine Conservation Society on an exclusive collection inspired by the ocean. Supporting the incredible efforts of the Marine Conservation Society and its groundbreaking Citizen Science projects, with 10% of the sale of items in this collection being donated directly to the cause. 

In addition, 2021 saw the FatFace Foundation donating £15,000 to support MCS on their Beachwatch appeal, a fundraising effort run by Radio 4.  The appeal raised funds to help care for the UK coastline and to collect meaningful data to make positive changes towards protecting the ocean.  This work has led to some big impact changes including bans on single use plastic, improved messaging on wet wipe packaging and carrier bag charges to name a few.


Check out MCS directly here.