FatFace Foundation are thrilled to partner with Ocean Generation in supporting their mission to inspire, educate and engage the next generation on the importance of looking after our ocean. A donation of £35,000 will fund their Wavemakers programme for 2024, focusing on empowering 10,000 young people to take ocean action whilst also supporting the training of 25 new Wavemaker leaders to continue this important work within Ocean literacy and advocacy.

A big focus for the FatFace Foundation is supporting charities who are working hard to help the future of our Ocean, working locally and globally to enrich life under water by funding projects that help keep our oceans and beaches clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Water is life and we want to protect it, restore it and educate the next generation, allowing them to be the first to leave our waters clearer, cleaner and better than they found it. 

Ocean Generation was founded in 2009 by the incredible Jo Ruxton MBE. With a strong focus on ocean bound plastic pollution, OG was created to be an “inclusive global movement that exists to restore a healthy relationship between humanity and the Ocean. Our vision is a world where the Ocean is freed from human threats within a generation.” Endorsed by UNESCO, their Youth Engagement Programmes are the heart of what they do:

Earth Cubs is an environmental education learning platform targeting 3-7 year olds. In 2022, Ocean Generation teamed up with Earth Cubs to create a brand new environmental learning app for young children to play and learn about plastic pollution in the Ocean. The app engages young children on the importance of our Ocean and how they can contribute to creating a cleaner, healthier planet.

Ocean Academy exists to bring the Ocean to the classroom. It is an education hub designed to be a single learning destination for parents, teachers, and other educators to access the best in Ocean education. Ocean Academy provides a digital learning space that delivers open-source material to learn about the Ocean, the threats it faces, and the steps we all need to take to protect it.

Wavemakers is an inclusive environmental education programme that empowers young adults, aged 16-25, by providing the tools to make positive change. Through our flagship workshop, and supporting masterclasses, mentorship and personal development programmes, Wavemakers accelerates social action, incubates innovation and facilitates green career opportunities.