We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the incredible 2 Minute Foundation,

inspiring and motivating our FatFace communities to help clean up their local spaces,

2 minutes at a time…

Head Office, Havant ^

FatFace, Ashbourne >

FatFace Foundation, Havant ^

A huge thanks to the Fat Face Foundation for their generous financial support of The 2 Minute Foundation. Helping to develop our network of clean up stations across the UK and our wider work in cleaning up the planet, 2 minutes at a time. Together we can see a planet free from litter and plastic pollution, where nature thrives.

Sarah Shaw

Head of Fundraising & Partnerships, 2 Minute Foundation

You may already know of 2 Minute via their incredible work encouraging communities to clean up our wild spaces, with a huge focus on beaches, via their Instagram or you maybe have seen the movement #2minutebeachclean or #2minutelitterpick! If you have been to the coast in the last 8 years, you may have noticed one of their beach cleaning stations nearby, equipped with litter pickers and bags – these stations provide the necessary tools to help communities clean up their wild (and not so wild) spaces and raise awareness of the impact of litter and plastic pollution on our planet.

Don’t forget to share your litter pick with us on Instagram @fatfacefoundation @2minutehq
and use the hashtags
#2minutelitterpick #2minutebeachclean

With a donation of £32,000, the FatFace Foundation has been able to support the vital work 2 Minute do and so far, we have 11 locations across the UK:

FatFace Head Office, Havant

FatFace Foundation, Havant

St Andrews








Hebden Bridge

If you would like to see one of these stations in your local FatFace store, please get in touch! We currently have 9 still to send out to communities that need them.