Summer 2023 update:  After a recent site inspection, we are pleased to report our trees at Minorca Woods are doing really well. Foundation Trustee, Laura, says “I felt very proud to see the little twigs we planted back in November 2021 turning into proper little trees!” 

The wildflower corridor  between the two parts of the site is going strong again this year and looks amazing as you can see from the images below. We can’t wait to see how this amazing wild space looks next year!

Summer 2022 update: 57,000 trees planted so far alongside this beautiful wildflower strip where we couldn’t plant trees due to the overhead telegraph wire.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

In 2021 Fat Face partnered with the National Forest Company on an exciting project contributing towards our sustainability milestones. The National Forest Company is a charity established in 1995 to create a new forest, one of the country’s most ambitious and imaginative regeneration projects, embracing 200 square miles of mixed habitat forest in the Midlands.

The partnership sees Fat Face joining forces with the National Forest Company to acquire a piece of land in the heart of the Forest where 57,000 trees have already been planted and a further 3000 will be planted later in the year. This marks the start of a 75-year project in our goal of off-setting 10,000 units of carbon over time. The trees will expand on existing neighbouring woodland and will form a new site of interest in the National Forest, eventually maturing into an area of woodland that will provide an outdoor space for the local community to enjoy.

The Fat Face Foundation has joined forces with the business to support this project to fulfil key charity and business objectives;

  • The foundation can support the life on land strategic pillar
  • It forms the cornerstone of the Fat Face Planet sustainability project.

The project is a carbon sequestration programme using the Woodland Carbon Code which is the UK standard for afforestation projects for climate change mitigation. In meeting these standards and reducing carbon, the project improves biodiversity and also wellbeing benefits within the community. What makes our partnership with the National Forest Company so successful is our shared values and desire for multiple benefits as well as to build something lasting that will be here for decades to come.

The woodland is called ‘Minorca Woods’ as the name relates to the farm and naming of coal seam on the land that became the Minorca colliery. This maintains the name of the heritage site and also resonates locally with residents too.

For more details on our partnership with the National Forest ~ National Forest X FatFace

“This project is an important cornerstone of the FatFace strategy to become Carbon neutral by 2025. The National Forest are a great, like-minded partner where we have managed to create something that will make a meaningful long-term change to the environment.”

Will Crumbie – CEO, FatFace

“It’s been refreshing to work with a company like FatFace that is committed to not simply ticking a box on carbon but to use the opportunity to support the creation of a new woodland, benefiting wildlife and communities for generations to come.”

John Everitt – Chief Executive, National Forest Company

Dedicate a tree

Help the National Forest grow by dedicating a new tree to a loved one. Birthday, Christmas, to say thank you ~ whatever the reason, your gift will benefit people and wildlife for years to come.