The FatFace Foundation is proud to support the wonderful work of Wardrobe Foundation, a charity set up in Dorset, UK to provide bespoke clothing donations to women in need.

The team, lead by Eloise, hosts a range of brilliant volunteers who support the CIC in collecting, sorting, upcycling and delivering high quality and truly fabulous clothing to thousands of women in need. With referals from local community groups, councils, charities, women’s refuges, hospitals and refugee support groups (plus lots more), Wardrobe Foundation have made it their mission to curate personalised clothing gift bags that match the needs and wants of the women being supported. 

The support from the Fat Face Foundation has made a significant impact on Wardrobe Foundation. By donating clothing items for our gift bags and the incredibly generous monetary donation of £10,000 they have ensured we can provide clothing to local women who are in need, and do so with confidence. Thank you so much to the Fat Face Foundation for making a difference to Wardrobe Foundation and so many peoples lives.


Head of Wardrobe Foundation

In 2023 WF have provided over 600 clothing gift bags, each filled with 18 laundered and carefully curated items based upon the individuals size, style and preference. Since the inception of WF in 2020, they have supported over 3,350 women and gifted over 53,000 items of clothing. In the process, they have also diverted over 15,000KG from landfill and up cycled 4,000 items of clothing.