99% of doctors agree, removing a heart makes life afterward tough going. So, the heart stays. However, we’ve upgraded it from two to three, replacing the ‘two thumb’ design with the famous Fat-head’s ‘three hairs’. We have also flattened and simplified the hearty mark; bringing it in line with the current FatFace Retail logo.

Introducing the ‘three hairs’ to our heart, gives a little nod to our shared past and strengthens our ties with the brand as we move to the future. With this step forward we remain in stride with FatFace, recognisable to those who know the brand… distinct to those who don’t.

unified yet uniquely… us.

Our pillars are strong, straightforward and made to last. Time for them to stand out! 

Bold and bright… these icons are following in the footsteps of FatFace… to make a statement without trying too hard.

Designed to be used with posts on social media, imagery and on blog posts they will allow us to better define our pillars as we celebrate them. Along with Land, Water and Community hearts we’ve also added a red heart to accompany ‘call to action’ and emergency communications.

Huge thank you to FatFace Foundation Trustee, Robfor creating this new branding for the Foundation. An incredible piece of work! If you’re after a creative company to help you with your branding – check out Bert & Banana – an independent design studio nicely nestled in the city of Leeds. Helping clients find their voice, tell their story, and realise their identity.